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Keeping Score

U13 and U15 Recreational and MBGLL Select teams may quietly keep score.  Towns have the option of using a scoreboard at the U13 and U15 levels.  However, the scoreboard should report no more than a 4-point differential.

As a reminder, towns should not report scores in publications or run up the score.  Keeping score is being permitted so that coaches may make appropriate coaching decisions during the games.  We want all girls to enjoy their time on the field, not just the superstars or the winning team.  Please coach and keep score responsibly to continue to support MBGLL’s mission. 

Note:  U9 and U11 teams may not keep score

Lopsided Games - If you participated in a game in which the score was quite lopsided, please take 30 seconds to fill in your game details.  You may find this report on www.mbgll.org under "Lopsided Games" in the left hand column.  Or, click Lopsided Games to connect to the form.

MBGLL Select keeps scores and standings.