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MBGLL's Sportsmanship and Compliance Policy

Mission:  To encourage good MBGLL member behavior
In order to encourage good member behavior and to protect those towns that have followed MBGLL’s mission and spirit of the league, MBGLL’s board is developing this enforcement system to ensure that all teams support and nurture our league’s efforts.
Note:  MBGLL’s goal is to communicate and resolve issues; not to penalize towns.
Enforcement System: 

Good Standing    1st Warning   Probation Suspension Expulsion


        Good        Standing No warnings or issues
1st Warning MBGLL has issued a town a warning regarding its financial standing, behavior, or other issue
Probation MBGLL has issued a 2ndwarning either regarding the 1stwarning that was not fixed or for a separate issue. Towns must meet with MBGLL board’s review committee before permitted to re-enroll the next year.
Suspension Teams are expected to continue to honor the remainder of their schedules; however, they are prohibited from participating in additional events throughout year (such as jamboree). Towns must meet with MBGLL’s board’s review committee before permitted to re-enroll the next year. 
Expulsion MBGLL is expelling all of the town’s teams from the league for one year

MBGLL Review Committee will consist of three to five board members.

Examples of Inappropriate Behavior



  • Failure to attend required meetings
  • Failure to comply with coaching requirements
  • Having a Select team play a Recreational team without mutual agreement of both coaches
  • Failure to play a game because of a lack of desire to drive the distance
  • Canceling a game the same day (unless due to weather or field closure)
  • Failure to adhere to the home team’s responsibilities
  • Refusal to play double-headers, round robins, or other special games that result from a scheduling requirement
  • (If the home team’s field is closed and the opposing team’s field is open) Failure to give up the home game and move to the opposing team’s open field
  • Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct from the town’s board, coaches, players, and/or parents
  • Withdrawing a team after registration closes
  • Failure to create evenly balanced teams if more than one team at same level in a league
  • Posting scores and standings
  • Asking the assignor to supply two officials for a select game when the teams involved are not enrolled as MBGLL Select teams.
  • Hosting an event the day of, or the week leading up to, the MBGLL Jamboree.
  • Other unsportsmanlike conduct not in keeping with MBGLL’s mission or spirit of the game