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MBGLL Select Q. and A.

Updated 10/23/2021

Why did MBGLL create a MBGLL Select Program?

MBGLL’s Select league was created as an extension of our recreational league in response to member town’s requests. This league is for the more advanced players who want to compete with their town teammates at a higher level without the pressure and financial commitment that are typically found on club teams.

We hear feedback that young athletes who have participated in MBGLL greatly value what the league offers. They leave saying that their best experiences were playing lacrosse without all of the pressure that they feel in other sports. Our objective is to continue to balance nurturing the player's ‘love of the game’ with the sport's growing popularity while meeting the needs of our member towns.

What grades are eligible to play in the MBGLL Select Program?

MBGLL members voted to launch the MBGLL Select League for two different team levels – Grade U13 teams and U15 teams.

How many games do MBGLL Select teams play and when do they start?

MBGLL Select teams receive a 6-game schedule. Teams may schedule additional games on their own.  Their season typicaly starts two weeks later than the MBGLL Recreational program.

When are MBGLL Select teams going to play their games?

MBGLL Select home games are scheduled Friday nights  for the following reasons:

· constrained field capacity on Sunday afternoons

· our desire to keep MBGLL Select separate from our recreational program

· the inability to obtain officials for single games

· our desire to select a time where we can expand the program as MBGLL grows

The actual schedule will depend on the constraints of field availability, umpire availability and the number and location of the select teams registered.

How much does it cost to register a MBGLL Select team?

See the Team Registration page.

When does MBGLL Select registration close?

Registration for MBGLL’s Select League and Recreational League all open in the fall.  MBGLL's Select team registration closes later than the Classic Team registration.  See the Team Registration page for more details.

Why do MBGLL Select players have to play in the MBGLL recreational league?

All players in MBGLL Select league must also commit to MBGLL’s recreational league, practices and games, so we don’t jeopardize the integrity of our recreational program and league mission. A key point that came from MBGLL’s member discussions around the select program was to have the more experienced players raise the level of play of the less experienced players through their participation in the MBGLL recreational league. This is a cornerstone of our league - girls may pick up a stick in any grade and give the sport a try in a nurturing and fun environment without getting ‘cut’. Leadership naturally evolves when the more experienced players help the new players succeed.

We are asking towns to honor the game and police themselves with regards to regular and select team rosters. 

It would obviously be improper for a town to play unregistered, non-MBGLL players in an MBGLL select game. In addition, a MBGLL Select team may not play a MBGLL Recreational League team.

Do MBGLL Select teams play with different rules from MBGLL’s recreational league?

MBGLL Select teams follow US Lacrosse rules as follows:

MBGLL Select U13 (5-6 grade) teams - Modified Checking

MBGLL Select U15 (7-8 grade) teams - Transitional Checking with 2 umpires, Modified Checking with 1 umpire


Standings will be kept. 

How are standings determined?

​MBGLL Select teams record their scores.  Standings are determined by the number of wins and goals against a team.  

How does MBGLL avoid a tie game?

​MBGLL ends tie games with a Braveheart.  

Braveheart Rules
Each team fields 1 position player and 1 goalie. Starts with a draw. Only 1 player per team is allowed on the offensive side of the field, or the play is off-sides. NO SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED. First goal wins.

My town does not have enough girls who are interested or skilled enough to play in the MBGLL Select Program. May I combine with another town to create a MBGLL Select team?

Yes. As long as the towns and players are members of MBGLL’s recreational league, towns may combine together to create a MBGLL Select team. One of the towns will need to create and register this combined team.

What are MBGLL Select's Championship Games?

Throughout the season teams will record their scores and standings will be calculated along the way.  The top four U13 and U15 teams will hold playoff games the week prior to the MBGLL Jamboree.  The final Championship games will typically take place at the Jamboree so that participants can watch these highly-skilled players compete.  

What if my team earned a spot in the semi-final or final games but we can't attend the event?

Final and Semi-Final games are scheduled together to build up excitement for the players, teams, and the league.  The players have worked hard and deserve a night to shine.  If a team that has made it to the finals or semi-finals is not able to play at the scheduled event, then they must forfeit their game and the next team with the highest standings will take their place.  We will encourage them to schedule a scrimmage outside of the championship games so that they can have a good end-of-season experience as well.  

Should I hold try-outs for my MBGLL Select teams?

Since teams are comprised of the more experienced and skilled players, we suggest that towns conduct tryouts. MBGLL recommends that you have a non-involved, third-party coach (high school, college, or club coach) help evaluate the players during these tryouts to minimize the number of parent complaints that you may receive if a player does not make the MBGLL Select team.

Will my select team play other select teams within my division?

In general, teams will play other select teams in their division and we will aim to keep the driving distances as short as possible. But, if there aren’t enough teams in one division, teams will play games across division lines or play teams twice. 

Is MBGLL trying to compete with club teams in the area?

No, MBGLL is not competing with club teams in the area. As stated, MBGLL Select League’s mission is to allow a town’s more advanced and skilled players the opportunity to compete with other town teams at a higher level of play without the pressures and costs frequently associated with club play. We support MBGLL players who participate on club teams and play in our recreational league. It is our belief that these different programs will help to enhance the overall lacrosse offerings in the eastern Mass area.

Should players participate in MBGLL Select and a non-MBGLL Club team?

While this decision is solely up to the player and their family, MBGLL recommends that players choose either MBGLL Select or club play, but not participate in both. Participating on a club team requires economic and time commitments that will most likely conflict with MBGLL Select. MBGLL believes strongly that young athletes should not over-extend themselves in any one sport because they are still growing physically and mentally. Overspecializing at a young age leads to increased injuries, burn-out, and peaking early instead of in high school or college.

What is the difference between MBGLL Select and MBGLL Trial Select?

We have heard from many member towns that they are trying to generate interest in the full, MBGLL Select program.  MBGLL Trial Select offers towns the ability to register and play two games with MBGLL Select Rules on Friday nights, the last two game-dates of the season.  All coaching and player requirements apply.  MBGLL Trial Select Teams do not report scores or participate in standings. MBGLL Trial Select Teams will not participate in MBGLL Select playoffs or finals.  Our hope is that once towns see how beneficial and fun it is for players to participate in MBGLL Select games, they will enter a team in the full MBGLL Select league.

Register your team on mbgll.org under "team registrations."