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Uniform Requirements

US Lacrosse Rules - New Uniform Requirements

Beginning in 2013, all shirts shall be of a single, solid color with the following trim specifications permitted:

  1. Trim around the collar and waistband and at the cuff of the sleeve or around the arm opening if sleeveless shall not exceed 1 inch in width.
  2. Side inserts (armpit to waistband) may be of contrasting color(s) but shall not exceed 3 inches in width. The inserts must be centered vertically below the armpit.
  3. Numbers shall be centered vertically and horizontally and must be a minimum of eight inches tall on the back and a minimum of six inches tall on the front of the shirt.
  4. Numbers must be of a solid color contrasting with the color of the shirt. The numbers may be trimmed in a contrasting color that shall not exceed 1 inch in width.

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  1. Note:  Teams have until 2015 to be in compliance (not including undergarments).  Teams not found in compliance after 2015 will loose the first draw of the game.