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2021 MBGLL Jamboree

Welcome to MBGLL's 2021 Jamboree.  Our jamboree will take place on June13, 2021 at Devens' Recreation Fields (Museum Field Complex), Devens MA. Set your GPS to 29 Antietam Street, Devens MA 01434.

At the 2021 MBGLL Jamboree teams meet girls from different divisions in a fun-filled, festival atmosphere and get to show all that they learned during the season - lacrosse skills, good-sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, self-confidence and more. 

Registration will open May 1 at 8a and close June 23 at 11p.  (Please note that you will not see the registration pages until they open up.) 

Cost - $375 per team (Credit card payments)

Game Times:  Games will take place on June 13 from 8:30a to 7:30p.  Due to current COVID regulations, teams will play two back-to-back games on Sunday.  

Team Tents:  Towns may set up team tents.  However, we encourage families to arrive, play their games, visit our vendor and sponsor tents, and depart the site in compliance with state regulations.


See other Jamboree pages for additional information.

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