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Practice Drill Ideas that meet COVID-19 Guidelines


Star Drill - create multiple stars so players and don't require players to run to the next cone.  Instead, have players start 6 feet behind their cone, run to the cone, and then pass.  You can do the star drill with passes as well as ground balls; right hand on top and then left hand on top; one ball, two balls, etc.



Women's 2 Ball Passing Drill - Another fast progression drill.  Have multiple groups compete against each other for completed number of passes.




Women's Wing-To-Wing Transition- run this drill without defense.  Players will have areas in which they will need to make a pass in order to transition the ball down the field.



Full-Field Clearing Drill - run this without defense.


Women's 300' drill - set up cones where players should stand to pass the ball, appropriately distanced outside of the running area.  



Long Leading Passes Drill - you just need cones for defense



Maze Drill - While this says the drill is for the men's game, it would be great to use for the women's game too.



Box Passing Drill - This game is fun.



Waterfall Drill - Use cones to indicate lines so players stay socially distanced.



Dodging Drill - Use cones to show players where to stand and move to through this drill.  It applies to the women's game as well as the men's.



Partner Pass Drill - Vary this drill with ground balls, quick sticks, right hand on top, left hand on top, side passes, etc.  Use cones to show players where they should remain when passing.