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MBGLL Jamboree Helpers

June 13-14, 2020


Thank you for your interest in helping MBGLL with our annual, end-of-season, MBGLL Jamboree.  In order for us to make this event run smoothly, we need a lot of help.  The pay is $12/hour.  We can accept 10 helpers on each day.  Preference is given to those who can stay the entire day.

Location: Triton Regional High School, 112 Elm Street, Byfield MA

Before you arrive:  Please refer to the site maps on www.mbgll.org under “Jamboree” and get acquainted with the site prior to Jamboree day. 


When you arrive, please check in at the Registration tent.  It is the large, 20 x 40 tent.  You should sign in with the time that you arrive.  You’ll receive your assignment when you arrive. 

Possible jobs include the registration desk, central horn, Field Monitors, trash monitor, foot traffic monitor, and parking attendant.  Please know that you will all be either on or beside the fields.  Also, we’ll need everyone to help with set up in the morning and break down in the evening, depending upon what session you register for. 

I would suggest that you bring a book, studying, or homework.  If you are acting as a field monitor, you may have time to read.

Check in Time 

Arrive by 7a (Saturday) or 7:30a (Sunday).


Triton is finishing up around 3:30p on both Saturday and Sunday.  We’ll need a little bit of help putting our supplies in the truck at the end of the day and then you are free to go. 

Please check the schedule to confirm that I have you marked down for the correct location and time. You will find this page on www.mbgll.org under "Jamboree."  There will be a little time delay from when you sign up and when you are listed on our web site.


Before leaving, please make sure to sign out with your time at the registration desk.  Also, please fill out a voucher with your mailing address.  If I am not at the site, please address an envelope and place your payment voucher inside of it so that MBGLL may mail you your check.  If I am there, I will pay you on site.

More Information

To learn more about MBGLL’s Jamboree, visit our site at www.mbgll.org and look under “Jamboree.” 


MBGLL will have staff members on site at all times.  We have a police detail as well as a nurse at the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  All staff members and some of you will receive event vests to wear while working at the site.  Please make sure to return them to the registration tent when you finish working.

Final Notes

Thank you very much for helping MBGLL to run a successful event.  Our number one priority is safety for the players as well as the spectators and staff.  Some of you will have walkie talkies.   These are used for emergencies only.  While your duties may not seem exciting, they are extremely important in the case of an emergency. 

You will all act as ambassadors for our event.  I will give you all of the information that you will need on game day so that you are able to answer any questions.  As a reminder, this is a “G” rated event so please keep the language on a professional level.  When talking to spectators, don’t forget to look people in the eyes and smile.  If anyone asks you a question that you are not able to answer, or if someone is less than respectful, simply point them in the direction of the registration tent and either I, or another event organizer, will assist them. 

I do want to request that you don’t have ipods in your ears while working.  While you may read if you are a field monitor, it is important that you are able to hear what is going on around you.  In the case of an injury, spectators may call out to you instead of walking to your tent.  This is where the walkie talkies come in.  In the case of an injury, please call the nurse.  If you see trouble brewing on a field, please use the walkie talkie to let the event organizers know.  We have 8 fields that are spread out and we simply can’t see everything that goes on from the registration tent.  So, we are counting on you to act as our eyes and ears on the fields.  This also goes for anyone who is walking around on the fields.

In the past 11 years that I have run this event, we have had one lost child (who was found within 3 minutes) and only 4 injuries that required an ambulance.  So, with everyone’s help, we’ll make this a fun and safe event. 

Thank you again and I’ll see you on Jamboree weekend!