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Changing Fields or Game Times

MBGLL's  Schedules are locked as of March 15, 2021.  Please make major game changes for the ENTIRE season prior to March 15. Please ask your town director for specific, in-town instructions.  

If a home-team coach needs to change a field or game time, please discuss it with your town director.  If the town director approves, please send the Game Change Request Form (located on mbgll.org, "Documents" "2020.2021" to the opposing coach.  Then, please submit the filled-in Game Change Request Form to your town director for final approval.  Please note that all changes must be mutually agreed upon by both teams.  Coaches should follow the Home Team Responsibilities.   Please make sure to coordinate changes with any assigned officials.  The town director will then submit the Game Change Request Form to the division director for final approval and changes in League Athletics.  

Game changes should be submitted to the division director a minimum of 1 week prior to the game.

Game Change Request Form